This website includes four features available to the public:

  • The HOME page.
  • This GALLERY page.
  • The LOCAL GUIDE pages.

Please feel free to explore these public pages, starting with the HOME page and the GALLERY. 

As its name suggests, the GALLERY provides a collection of photos of the Henlopen highlighting its great location nestled between the ocean and Lake Gerar Park, and some of its amenities. 

Continue with the  LOCAL GUIDE pages, which describe the myriad attractions that Rehoboth Beach offers. The LOCAL GUIDE includes useful links for planning your stay, provides directions to the Henlopen and includes an interactive map. 

If you are interested in purchasing or renting a condo at the Henlopen, be sure to visit the SALES & VACATION RENTALS page.   

In addition to those public pages, the site includes password-protected pages for current renters, and password-protected pages for Henlopen owners:

If you are currently renting at the Henlopen, you will want to access "A Welcome For Our Guests" located under SALES & VACATION RENTALS.  Created especially for renters, this section contains a welcome from our Property Manager along with some suggestions, useful links and helpful information that will hopefully make your stay at the Henlopen as enjoyable and carefree as possible. 

Finally, if you are a Henlopen owner, you may access all of these public and renter pages, plus the private content of the website. Available at OWNER RESOURCES, this private portion of the site provides a wealth of information and materials for you.  Please contact the Henlopen office if you need assistance accessing this portion of the website.